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Stand With Us

The following companies and organizations are standing with American workers across our country in support of Made in the USA products and protecting manufacturing jobs in America.



aftcra is an e-commerce site where you can buy and sell unique American handmade wares. At aftcra we believe in supporting local American artists and artisans. We created aftcra so we could connect someone interested in handcrafted and meaningful goods to the talented American hands that make them.

The concept of aftcra was inspired by Erica’s mother, an artist. When she struggled to sell her wares at local boutiques in Wisconsin, Erica wanted to help. Because of her, aftcra was born.

We Pledge Made in USA

We Pledge Made in USA

We Pledge Made in USA was created by the owners of Their goal is to help Consumers and Manufacturers stand together to create jobs and promote Economic growth.

Blue Laser Design Inc.

Proudly keeping all of our employees in-house and not outsourcing overseas like  many of our competitors nationwide. Contact us today for an American Made website or marketing project! Thanks to Josh for helping with this movement.

Will G.

By America for America

I would be honored to stand with you on this……can’t wait for the film to come out!


Made in USA Challenge

Made in USA Challenge features American made goods that are safe, ethically made, eco-friendly and awesome. The site is a resource for conscious consumers looking for the best products made in America as well as exploring issues related to consumerism and the role of buying American.

Made Collection

Made is a marketing agency dedicated to supporting a resurgence in American manufacturing. We do this by: (1) making great work for brands that make things in the USA, and (2) gathering and selling the best American-made products. Whether you’re a customer looking for amazing products or a brand looking to reach those customers, Made is at your service.

American Built

American Built is a 100% Made in the USA, veteran owned clothing brand built on the belief that we should all be proud of what we wear, and where we are from.

Mr. Box Online

At MrBoxOnline we combine the best quality with the best value. Our goal is source out local suppliers in our backyard or throughout the U.S.A. There’s no reason why we should support the economies of our other countries. In fact we encourage our customers to buy local, whenever possible. Help support state economies!

US Groove

US Groove is dedicated to making the discovery of American products as easy as possible.  By creating what they playfully call “Showroom Technology”, US Groove artistically arranges a variety of a company’s offerings within one image spread, so the American shopper can quickly see what it’s all about.  With handy category and search features, is updated often and their Facebook page welcomes and engages all to join in the conversation and to make suggestions for great American products.

Ricky Lee Music

We are now putting together the dates and road map for Ricky’s solo concert tour “The Made In America Tour”.  This tour is designed to promote buy American and salute our veterans and troops.  We are asking if your post, group, convention or venue could host a tour date.  You could also use this show as a fund-raiser.   This is a fun evening of Ricky performing his live solo show of both patriotic and country music.

Made in USA Certified

MADE IN USA CERTIFIED® is the only Registered “Made in USA Certified” Word Mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Since 2009, Made in USA Certified, Inc. is the nation’s leading independent “Made in USA”certification source.  When we say it’s “Made in USA”, you can count on it.  Any company bearing one of our USA-C™ Seals has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit to ensure that the product, process and originates  – in the United States of America.

It’s Great to “BE”

We are ALL about WHO YOU ARE ;-D  ™ Our mission is to help lead people to the discovery of how our diversity, our great at “BE”ing attributes makes our world a more interesting place to “BE”! And in turn, creating a world of mutual respect and understanding for our differences. We believe there is greatness in everyone. Regardless of what you do or what you have… you are a great person! For some it’s great to “BE”™ Adventurous…while for others Relaxed. Many are great at “BE”ing Hopeful…and still others Extravagant. The company’s goal is to help the world realize that our differences are what makes this world great. Greatness is found in ALL of us!

A Proud American

The ONLY WAY to get this country back on it’s feet is to build up the strength of the middle class through employment. And the only way to do that is by purchasing American Made products, reducing the unemployment rate, and by keeping our money in this country instead of sending overseas via the purchase of foreign made products. Spending money in local businesses and buying American Made products helps to provide jobs to Americans.


ProfessionalEdge is a small but mighty marketing and business services firm.  In addition to providing marketing and business services, we are the editors and publishers of Solutions, and regularly include an “America Proud” article featuring Made in America products.  In addition, we send a weekly tweet with some of our favorite Made in America products.  ProfessionalEdge proudly supports the Made in the USA movement!

Head Hunters

Head Hunters project is the result of two and a half years of work, a fusion of art, culture and lifestyle. Each individual design has original, genuine and authentic features. Each one represents customs, traditions and human heritage. A collage of characters with different backgrounds, origins and ancestry…

USA Love List

USA Love List is a shopping & style site dedicated to celebrating the very best of American-made.

Second Star Designs

Our products are individually hand-crafted, with strict attention given to both quality and detail. We want our customers to be happy with their Treasures … enough to pass them along to future generations. The only way for us to accomplish that is through careful consideration of our suppliers and sourcing of our materials. Where ever possible, we purchase organic fabrics manufactured from sustainable resources; we take steps to reduce our overall footprint by using innovative ways to turn discarded clothing items into wearable art. Our Philosophy is simple: when it’s time to leave, make sure that what you leave behind is better than what you originally found.

We support “Made in the USA” because we ARE “Made in the USA”. Our products are and always have been locally produced … a tradition that will continue throughout the life of our company. It is not the large companies who outsource their labor and materials under questionable conditions that are are the foundation, but rather the smaller companies that have and always will make up the backbone of this great country.


ManPans are Made in the USA in Spokane, Washington. The pans are made entirely in-house including anodizing so the elimination of outsourcing and additional transportation reduces our carbon footprint. Our processes are low impact and non-toxic, we use clean, renewable hydropower and we recycle our waste metal.

We are demonstrating that a comprehensive, pro-active approach to responsible manufacturing is possible.


MFD is an annual resource book for the fashion, production, and creative communities.

Highlighting emerging and established designers that produce locally, these directories have inspired a variety of projects internationally including collaborations, events, and tours surrounding the “Made in America” movement.

MFD’s recent issue “Made in America serves as a resource of American-made designers in Manhattan, and recently gave way to walking tours for groups of fashion enthusiasts.

Each tour makes stops at designers who produce domestically such as Wendy Nichol, Nanette Lepore, Billy Reid, and 3X1.

MFD’s Made in American tours can be booked directly through the MFD website at:


AllenBooth brings you America’s Craftsmen.

We believe that in the search for the best home furnishings, you do not have to leave American soil. In the Land of Opportunity, someone is making a premium product to satisfy your needs. Get more value when you buy the best from American craftsmen at


You asked me to send you and email telling you why made in the usa is important to me.  I have been blogging about made in the usa products since 2008.  I feel that the best way to create more jobs and bring our economy back from disaster is to bring manufacturing back to the USA.  I blog about that here…



Made in USA is important to me because it is what keeps America going.  If America keeps outsourcing our society will crumble.  Why should we let other countries profit from our hard earned dollars.  Instead spend them where you live to keep our economy cycle going round.



As a South Carolina based manufacturer of maternity support garments, it’s easy to understand why it’s important to buy things that are made in the U.S.A. We are located in a region of the country that has been hit hard by textile plant closings. Since we are fighting this tide, as a manufacturer of SC made maternity apparel, it’s especially poignant when I think about our products. As a mother myself, I know that parents do everything for their children. What better way to support our children’s futures than by purchasing American made products, like Belevation Maternity garments!


Ship to Shore Apparel

I have been a manufacturers’ representative for 25 yrs. supporting sales and marketing for many great US electro/mechanical companies. Over the past +10 yrs., the company has slowly moved toward representing a higher mix of off shore suppliers and seen many of our customers shutting down their production lines. Needless to say, this concept has not set well with me and my options to promote Made in USA products are diminishing.

To help make a change, during the economic down turn, I semi-retired and started a family owned apparel company – Ship to Shore Apparel. After a long start up, we are now well established and promoting Made in USA products! We have gone the extra mile and had a 3rd party source certify our suppliers. I am teaching my 4 girls the value of our domestic work force by supporting quality products Made in USA.

Ship to Shore Apparel is a custom silk screener located in SE Indiana. Look us up on Facebook as we have many new product lines and apparel.


Go4 Made In America

Our Company’s focus is promoting Made in America products, the Manufacturers who make them, and the Retailers who sell them. Our “Go4 USA” iPhone / iPod touch app allows members to help others find products proudly bearing the “Made in USA” label. We literally put the “Made In America” movement into the hands of Consumers…available on the App Store.